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Thursday, August 03, 2006

John Edwards Interviews Jimmy Carter

I came across a great interview that former Senator (and Vice Presidential candidate) John Edwards did with former President (and Governor of Georgia) Jimmy Carter.

Listen to John Edwards interviewing Jimmy Carter.

Here's an excerpt, taken from Political Science and Social Oddities:

"To improve our country's reputation as the only superpower on earth: I think that everyone in the world should look to Washington and say there is a mighty nation that believes in peace, not pre-emptive war. That tries to address the inevitable conflicts that exist among people and within nations and between nations by using our tremendous and unchallengable military and economic power for peace."

There are plenty of other zingers from President Carter, such as the real generational differences between Bush 43 and Bush 41, the idea that Bush 43 is the first President to explicitly favor the extremely rich over the rest of us, and the way this President hijacks religion

This is one of a series of interviews Senator Edwards has done. You can subscribe to it. You can also join his group, the One America Committee.

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