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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Go to Law School For Free

Well, sort of :-). Neil Wehneman, who's now, I assume, a second year law student at the University of Cincinnati, podcast all of the lectures he attended as a first year law student, and, at his own expense, made them available to us for free. Go to Life of a Law Student to subscribe.

When I say all of his courses, I mean it. He took the following:

Neil has a great radio presence. He's devoted a great deal of time, and some of his own money, to committing his lectures to digital audio. I hope this helped his grades. Actually, I'm sure it did. I've done a bit of teaching in my time and I feel that trying to explain concepts to others is the best way of learning. I'll be including relevant episodes of the lectures he attended in my future podcasts.

If you're wondering what law school is all about, or are simply curious about the law, you should definitely check out Life of a Law Student.


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